Statement on Superior Court Ruling Today

New Jersey United For Marriage Campaign Manager Mike Premo and Garden State Equality Executive Director Troy Stevenson issued the following statements today on the Superior Court’s ruling regarding same-sex couples getting married beginning October 21st.  Both Mike and Troy will be available to the media outside of press row in the Statehouse at 4:45PM.

From Mike Premo: 

“This is a historic moment for all loving and committed couples in New Jersey. The fact that those who have waited so long for this moment can get married in just days is truly amazing and something to be celebrated.” Premo said.

“While we highly anticipate the weddings to come, we must not, however, lose sight of what still needs to be accomplished. At any moment, the court can step in and put a halt to all this, temporarily or permanently. The safest, surest, quickest route to marriage equality still remains with the Legislature. We have seen the momentum for this effort continue to build and build over the last few weeks. Moreover, the court’s decision that only marriage creates true equality reaffirms the fact that lawmakers who support marriage equality will have their feet firmly planted on the right side of history,” Premo said.

“We can’t stop now. NJUM will continue to work on a legislative remedy and is certain that we will have marriage equality by January.”

From Troy Stevenson:

“While this is an amazing decision, it is far from over.  We still must fight on both fronts, the legislative route and the courts.  The fastest way to win this year is still to pass marriage equality through the Legislature.”