Learn How to properly ask for Discounts When Looking for Wedding Venues in Seattle, WA

Negotiate your way To a Cheaper Venue

Wedding VenueWedding venues in Seattle, WA don’t come cheap. It require a lot of wedding preparation. This is why many couples try their luck at trying to negotiate a lower price with their wedding venue, but others to no success. Here are a few tips that can get you in the rhythm of getting a good discount.

Study first. Make an inquiry or two to check whether anybody you know has figured out how to negotiate a discount. Visit three or four venues and examine precisely what they offer and for what cost. Inquire as to whether they could substitute any parts of the package for something cheaper. That way you could save money on altered value catering charges and get less expensive outside caterers, top10weddingvendors.com/seattle/wedding-venues-in-seattle-wa/. Get some information about corkage expenses, would you be able to use their caterers but bring your own wine?

When you’ve done your research on different wedding venues in Seattle, WA, you’ll be in a stronger position to recognize what is justifiable. You could begin your transaction by saying the amount you have in your financial plan, the amount you’re wanting to pay and after that how much their rival not far off has quoted you. You could put the ball in their court and solicit what kind from a markdown they could offer you yet in taking this strategy, you are providing them control and once they’ve given their offer they may not move on it. Better to approach them at your favored cost and see what they say regardless of the possibility that you haggle up or down and dealing a little.