How to Keep Your Strapless Wedding Dress from Falling Down?

Hacks in Keeping Your Dress Intact

All About WeddingYou’ll be making a lot of moves on the big day—from hugging guests and raising a glass to twisting, twirling, and dipping on the dance floor—but there’s one move you don’t want to make: tugging at your wedding dress! Here’s how to wear a strapless gown gracefully and comfortably—and without the distraction of constant adjustment.

Wear the Right Undergarments

The proper foundation—strapless bra, corset, longline bustier, or Spanx—will set you up for a no-slip style. For strapless silhouettes, be sure your bra is really snug; women often buy them too big around. You don’t want to be hiking it up all night! Look for designs that have silicone grips along the sides, which hug the body. If you’re totally lost, your bridal consultant should be able to guide you in finding the right lingerie for your dress.

Make Sure Your Dress is “UP” for the Job

Remember that it’s the dress—not you—that is the problem. Anyone can wear a strapless gown, when ordered in the proper size, bust cup, and if needed, raising the neckline. Chances are, your strapless dress already has some sort of built-in bustier or boning, which will give it structure. But if it doesn’t, relax: Buy the strapless dress you love, then assign your tailor the task of making it work with your figure.

Get Fitted by a Professional

Expertise is key to keeping that strapless dress up. When the bride is speaking about her day, her wedding, or anything else, it is important to make sure that she is comfortable in the dress she is wearing. You need to make sure that it is perfectly fitted to you and it will not shift especially on your wedding day. This can be a distraction and you can’t enjoy the rest of the big day. So, get it fit as soon as possible.

Speak Up During Fittings

No one knows how your dress feels but you. If it’s going to slip, you’ll feel it. As a test, assimilate the movements you’ll make on the big day: sit, stand, raise your arms to hug someone, and dance around a little bit. Does it feel easy and natural? Does the bodice stay up? The dress should fit the waist, and ribcage and the rim should sit close to you. If it’s too tight at the rim, it will look for the smaller area and slip. If at any point you aren’t happy with the fit, say something.

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