Etiquette of Newlywed Couples After the Big Day

Considerations to Look Up To

Years ago parting was such sweet sorrow. The bride changed into a getaway dress, grabbed the groom’s hand, and the newlyweds dashed out through a throng of cheering guests, leaving weepy eyed parents in the dust. It made sense, or so it seemed, to counter a grand entrance at a wedding with a dramatic exit at the reception. The drama usually unfolds differently today. Many couples stay until the bitter end, and then grab a mop and broom to clean up the joint – not exactly a Cinderella ending, but a reality for many. Other couples change into casual clothes and quietly slip out a back door. Still couples who aren’t too pooped to keep partying may decide to join guests for a night on the town.

WeddingIt’s equally rude to leave without tying up loose ends – or at least giving instructions to trusted friends and relatives on what needs to be done. Some considerations before you flee the scene:

Pay Pal

Make sure all the vendors are paid, or that arrangements have been made for payment after the reception. The best man is usually in charge of this. The bride’s father or other trusted friends or relative can also handle the payments, with instruction from you, of course. As you can imagine, it’s not fun to stop and write a check for the florist during your first dance.

Leftovers again?

Determine in advance what should be done with leftovers. Even if you’ve hired someone to cater it, you’ll likely pay for it, so there’s no reason to let it go to waste. Out-of-town guests may appreciate a container to put in their hotel fridges for a midnight snack, or your parents may need every morsel to feed the guests who’ve invaded their homes. Donating to the homeless center is another option; make sure you have the arrangements for delivery worked out in advance. Homes for troubled youths or for senior citizens may enjoy being treated to the cake you couldn’t get rid of.

Room to Bloom

If you brought flowers used at the wedding to the reception site, good for you. You’ve pinched pennies! Now the question is what to do with the flowers. You can give them to a special guests or helper. Or you can make a game out of it by having a drawing at the end of the reception; the guests whose names are drawn from a bowl go home with the arrangements. Donating the flowers to a church, hospital,  or care facility is always a nice gesture.

You can try these out: