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Photoshoot Practical Tips from Houston, TX Wedding Photographers

Practical Tips for a Wedding Shoot

photographer9You must be really excited about the wedding shoot you have been planning with your fiance for a long time now. However, the big question remains if you are indeed ready physically, mentally and emotionally. According to wedding photographers in Houston TX, the setting can be really challenging if the couple have chosen an outdoor venue, more details read here.

Here are some of the best tips that you should bear in mind:

Wear the most comfortable shoes that go perfect with the dress. If you will be shooting outdoors then it is natural for you to walk. As much as possible, get rid of those tall stilettos; you may look good on them but you are killing your feet. According to expert wedding photographers, most brides are becoming too grumpy when they are not comfortable with their shoes.

As much as possible, get rid of Uncle Bobs. If you are to ask one of the pet peeves that most wedding photographers don’t like, is it Uncle Bob. This term is used to refer to people who are also taking photos of the wedding using their smart phones or digital camera. Usually, Uncle Bobs could be your relatives, friends and family members. If you have a scheduled shoot, the last thing you want is seeing a lot of people on their smart phones also shooting photos.  If you hired a professional photographer, please advise your entourage not to take photos because they cause difficulty and disturbance to the real photographers of the wedding shoot.

Talk to the photographer about your special request. There are some brides who have special requests when it comes to their wedding photos. In order not to forget about this special request, ask your photographer ahead. If you have a shot list then the better; it will help the photographer understand your preference.

Seeing the photographer ahead. As a bride, your concern is not to get awkward during the shoot. Seeing the photographer ahead of time is much needed. During the consultation, you can ask the photographer to orient you about natural poses that look good on photos. You can ask questions if you have some.

By talking to your wedding photographers in Houston TX ahead of time, you can be able to brush up with some necessary things for the shoot. The last thing you want is coming to the shoot unprepared. Remember that this is your wedding shoot so you should look fab not stressed out.

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Trash the Dress Photography – An Advice from Chicago, IL Wedding Photographers

Advice on Trash the Dress Photography

Wedding PhotographerYou have probably seen pictures of brides in their wedding dress lying on the ground or submerging underwater. There are also brides who would go out to the streets and pose in unconventional sites, like rooftops, rundown buildings, or worse in garbage dumps. Surely you question why they did it when the wedding dress is so beautiful and they allowed to have it stained or ruined.

That is actually the truth behind the Trash the Dress photoshoot. These brides are considered fearless brides because they are brave enough to purposely ruin their wedding dress in the name of wedding photography. This ideas has gained many fans and there are even wedding photographers in Chicago, IL specializing in Trash the Dress. If you were asked, would you actually consider having a Trash the Dress wedding photography?

Here is an advice from  Chicago wedding videographer. Read through and find out for yourself if this idea is worth to consider or not.

There are many things that can represent a wedding, other than a beautiful bride in a long white dress. It surely is a precious piece of clothing for every woman. After all the visits in the bridal boutique, fittings and alterations, it is no surprise why many of them are eager to have it preserved after the big day. Yet not everyone has the same approach on what to do with their wedding gown afterwards. There are fearless brides who wear their wedding gowns once again and go somewhere you can never imagine, all for the sake of photo shoot.

When you say Trash the Dress, it does not necessarily mean the wedding dress will be ruined. It will be ruined depending on what you really want to happen during the photoshoot. Thus, it is recommended to talk about it with a photographer specializing in Trash the Dress photography. This idea is actually giving the bride to enjoy her wedding dress in a fresher and more liberating way. If you just want to walk in the middle of the woods or cross the pond in your wedding dress, it won’t really ruin the dress.

The idea of trashing the dress photography came from a Las Vegas wedding photographer. Since then, the idea has become a win-win opportunity for the brides and the wedding photographers.

With regards to the cost of Trash the Dress wedding photography, it can vary from one photographer to another. Factors like the location for the shoot you want, hours of the shoot and particular things you request affect the cost of the service. If you happen to meet a wedding photographer with a package that includes the engagement session, wedding photography and trash the dress shoot, you are lucky.

If you are considering to have a Trash the Dress photo shoot, you need to look for a photographer specializing in such area. There are different elements involved in wedding photography alone than in Trash the Dress photography. Do your research carefully before picking.

When searching for wedding photographers in Chicago, IL specializing in Trash the Dress, don’t forget to ask for help on how you can trash your wedding dress. It could also help to find inspirations from online or over at this website and share it with your chosen photographer.


Beautiful Weddings Deserve Only the Finest Wedding Photographers in Portland, Oregon

4 of the Finest Wedding Photographers in Portland, OR

Wedding PhotographerOne of the surest ways to prepare your wedding and to ensure that you have a lifetime remembrance of your wedding day is by hiring professional wedding photographers in Portland, OR to take photos of your wedding ceremony and reception.

There are many photography studios within Portland that offer good services. But these studios just stand out when it comes to providing excellent photography services. Check out these list and see if your favorite photographers are included.

Powers Photography Studios

Since 1996, Powers Photography Studios has been documenting weddings not only in Portland but in other parts of the world. Being this long in the business, you can be sure that you’ll only get photos that are created by experienced and superior wedding photographers there can be.

Modern Art Photography

If your dream is having wedding photographs taken by an award-winning photographer, Modern Art Photography is the only place that you should head to. Robert Knapp’s award-winning photographers will surely capture you the moment your eyes lay on them. You can guarantee that you’ll receive impressive collection of images that you’ll surely be proud of.

Sweet Life Photography

A team of husband and wife, Anna and Jake Tenney take pride in coming up with the finest art wedding photography style that you can see. This professional couple is, however, not only available to provide their services in Portland but to any destination wedding where you wish to celebrate your union with your special love.

Jenni Marie Photography

This photography studio believes that beautiful weddings always deserve beautiful photographs. One of the most passionate wedding photography Portland, Jenni Marie pours her heart into each picture she captures and honor the moments that you’ll cherish forever.

There are plenty of wedding photographers in the city of Portland but if you want to have only the finest photographs of your wedding, choose one from the above’s list.