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Why Buying an Antique Engagement Ring in Miami, FL is a Great Choice

Advantages of Buying an Antique Ring

Wedding preparation require a lot of things, it all starts when you propose. But before that you need to come up with ring. Buying a precious engagement ring like those in Miami, FL can cost you a lot especially when the ring you really, really like is a designer’s ring. Budget is really a big factor that affects the kind of ring that you will buy for her. Aside from buying a brand new engagement ring, one option that some men consider is buying a vintage or an antique engagement ring. Why? Because of the following reasons.

Wedding RingCost less, value more

You can find antique diamond engagement rings in Miami, FL in places like antique shops or garage sales. Because they are already second hand, most of these rings are cheaper, unlike those bought in a fancy jewelry store. Older diamonds also cost about 30% less than brand new. A pre-owned setting also cost about a half less than brand new or customized settings. This will really save you a lot of money.

Memories, history and stories

Because antique rings and jewelry pieces have survived the test of time, they definitely have different stories to tell from different generations. They provide a historical background that only those who can appreciate knows its true value. The story of craftsmanship and the memories it carry makes it a very valuable piece to consider.

Unique characteristic and design

Most engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry from the past are uniquely designed. Long ago, there were no mass productions of the same design. Thus, making an antique ring a very precious and unique piece of jewelry. Most jewelries from the past is crafted in hand, in a very delicate and meticulous way. Not only that the settings are rare, but the cut designs of the stones used are very, very rare these days. This is perfect for those who wants to be creative and unique in their proposal.