New Jersey Supreme Court will take marriage case

quoteThe New Jersey Supreme Court has agreed to hear the state’s appeal of the historic Superior Court ruling affirming the freedom to marry for New Jersey’s same-sex couples. The Supreme Court granted the appeal emergency status, and has allowed the appeal to surpass the intermediate courts. The oral arguments will begin January 6, 2014.

While we welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to take the case, we know that it will take time for the Court to render it’s decision. Gay and lesbian couples in New Jersey deserve better than legal uncertainty, which is why we’re more committed than ever to securing the votes we need to pass marriage in the Legislature.

Our Campaign Manager Michael Premo issued this statement following today’s announcement from the Supreme Court:

“This is exciting news, and we welcome the court’s decision on the issue. But NJUM’s mission continues. The fastest way to ensure that marriage equality happens in New Jersey is through direct action from the Legislature. We know now that the court ruling is coming, but not for several months at the earliest. That means families will continue to remain in limbo during that time. Legislators will have one last chance to decide which side of history they want to be on. We are confident that, at the end of the day, they will want to stand with love, commitment and family.”

New Jersey United for Marriage, alongside Garden State Equality, will not stop pushing until marriage equality legislation passes in the Legislature — and no loving couple in our state is ever again denied the freedom to marry. We know that with your support, we can win marriage for all families in the Garden State by January 14, 2014