Our Family, Our Friends, Our Neighbors, Our Co-Workers: The People We Love And Care About: Anne and Joan

When we talk about marriage equality, we are talking about our family members, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers: the people we love, care about and come into contact with on a daily basis. We are talking about people like Joan Curran and Ann Quinlan McCabe.


Joan is a retired nurse who devoted the second half of her career to AIDS services as Deputy Director at ActionsAids in Philadelphia. Ann is a licensed Marriage & Family therapist, as well as trainer/consultant in foster and adoption child welfare work. Their lives have been full, with Joan parenting five sons and Ann two daughters. The two met in graduate school.

While they admit to always feeling like Philly Girls, Joan and Ann make their home in Cape May. Although retired, Joan is still putting her nursing/social work skills to work by volunteering to help friends, neighbors or strangers in need. She is also a master gardener. Ann continues her full-time work, but is happiest at the beach with a book or playing with any and all of their 10 grandchildren. Ann and Joan have loved every minute of their 25 years together, and wish to bring their children, grandchildren, extended family and friends together for a wedding on the beach in New Jersey.

Ann and Joan have been in a loving, committed relationship for 25 years. They deserve the same rights as everyone else. Ann and Joan deserve the freedom to marry.

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