4 Things that a Professional Wedding Videographer in Chicago, IL Must Have

Possessions of a Wedding Videographer to Become Pro

video2Are you thinking of becoming a professional wedding videographer in Chicago, IL? Well, it isn’t easy to become a professional. There are certain things that you must have and certain talents or skills that you must possess. Plus, you need to have a lot of money when you invest in this kind of job. You also need to get a certificate in training and a few experiences. Buying a professional camera is already a big venture, are you willing to take that? If you do, you need to make sure that you can get the other things that a pro needs for his first client. Here are some of the things that you will surely need to become a great wedding videographer that you’ve been dreaming of:


This can cost a few hundred dollars but, it will be worth it if you really enjoy getting footage of people around you. You need to learn the basic tricks in using this kind of video camera. You need to know the angles, the shots and many other things that come with it. This is the first step into making your videography dreams come true. So make sure that you learn it well and practice well so that your first client will be satisfied with what you can offer.


Video cameras can be heavy. It depends on the kind of camera that you have bought. You need to make sure that you buy tripods for this. There are various kinds of tripods that can make your work easier than you imagine it to be. You can buy at least the best tripods that will help you handle your footages well. This thing is very important for every videographer especially to capture steady shots.

Backup Light

For night weddings, you need not to trust the dim light of the venue. You need to have your own backup light to get a clear footage of the wedding dance and more. This is one important thing that you can have to buy. A professional really knows this and you have too as well. It will help you get the best shots that your clients will surely love. So make sure that you have your own light that will get the night recording that you want to capture.


Another important thing that you have to buy to become a professional videographer is a laptop. This will help you store all the important shots that you have captured. This is also a medium where you can edit the video so that it will look natural and great. You need to make sure that you have great editing skills because you need it to be a professional or you can hire someone to edit for you. It will cost you money but, it will be worth it. Mostly, some professional wedding videographers in Chicago, IL teams up with video editors so that they can have a good running wedding video business.

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